Workflow automation across vertical markets
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Workflow automation across vertical markets


In all companies from all sectors, productivity is key. That’s why in the era of digital transformation, it has become essential to eliminate manual paper-based tasks. Whether you work in the hospitality or healthcare industry, you need to find a solution that seamlessly works with your other software to eliminate information silos and bottlenecks and reach efficient approval processes.

Workflow Automation
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Educational institutions

Challenges in schools, universities, and childcare

You need to process a huge amount of paperwork every day while providing the best user experience to students or parents that now mostly use online tools.
You must also find a cost-effective solution that enables you to adapt it to the specificities of your structure and its already established workflows.

Benefits for students, teachers, and staff

  • Streamline reviews, approvals, and collaboration of your distributed teams across your different districts
  • Provide students, parents, researchers with digital tools that meet their expectations to promote a better experience
  • Centralize crucial information and provide simple access for users
  • Move admissions, applications faster and more efficiently
  • Meet compliance, regulatory requirements and improve internal audit controls
  • Enhance administration work

Document examples in the education sector

  • Admission requests,
  • Student files,
  • Registration forms,
  • Academic records,
  • Financial aid applications,
  • And more…

Hospitality industry

Challenges in restaurants and hotels

The biggest challenge for hospitality companies is to face hard competition in the sector. For that, you need to redefine what values the most the quality level of an establishment: the customer experience.

To improve the service provided, guests are demanding more technologies to efficiently answer their questions and requests. To this, you also need to make avoid your staff drowning in multiple solicitations, get rid of tireless and repetitive tasks, to enable them to focus on what matters.

Benefits for front-desk, housekeepers, F&B manager, and more

  • Focus on providing guests with the best customer experience and building brand loyalty
  • Dispatch requests to the right internal departments for effective and prompt completion
  • Meet and exceed guest expectations and differentiate yourself from competitors
  • Streamline maintenance and housekeeping jobs
  • Enable easy feedbacks from consumers and improve constantly

Document examples in hospitality industry

  • Satisfaction surveys,
  • Room inspections,
  • Health and hygiene checks,
  • F&B orders,
  • Schedules, shifts sheets,
  • And more…

Healthcare sector

Challenges for hospitals and private clinics

The healthcare industry is one of the largest vertical markets but above all one of those that are the most evolving with sensitive data digitization. And with an ageing population, demand for medical care will increase, and thus automation will become inevitable.
Therefore, you need to find a secure way to digitize patients’ files while reducing manual work and especially provide better patient care.

Benefits for nurses, doctors, and administration

  • Enable your medical staff to make decisions faster while being better informed
  • Review and approve any documents from a tablet while moving across hospital departments or taking care of another patient.
  • Improve internal audits, to always be aware of dysfunctions in patient care
  • Boost communication within different teams, essential to rise patient data flow management
  • Enhance incident reporting and management capabilities
  • Standardize most common processes to never miss a crucial step again

Document examples in healthcare sector

  • Admission, registration forms,
  • Patient, referral forms,
  • Internal document requests,
  • Surgery planning,
  • Internal reports,
  • And more…

State and governmental sector

Challenges for Town halls and local authorities

Now that digital is all around us, as a public organization, you must meet both citizens’ new digital expectations and transparency regulations. Therefore, you should find a solution that does not compromise compliance and that is also easy to adopt and use daily.
Local authorities are still blamed for “bureaucracy”, people expect more responsiveness and agility from governments, so you need to serve citizens with the best tools while reducing administrative costs.

Benefits for mayors, stakeholders, and public administration

  • Assign, in electronic format, incoming mail to the recipient departments and/or coworkers involved, right from the control panel of your MFD (Multifunction device).
  • Keep track of the mail processing by dynamically linking the reply to the original mail.
  • Provide a better experience for staff and citizens in your city-branded portal by giving them an easy-to-use way to communicate.
  • Streamline your specific administrative processes and drastically reduce late replies.
  • Set an example in society by becoming yourself a paperless structure

Document examples in state and governmental sector

  • Budget approvals,
  • Supplier invoices,
  • Invitations to tender,
  • Registration forms,
  • Law enforcement documents,
  • And more…

Pharmaceutical and Biotech sectors

Challenges for big pharma, contract research organizations, and more

The pharmaceutical and biotech industry has imperative obligations regarding compliance with transparency laws, needing to provide precise and meticulous processes that are as clear and easy to follow as possible.
Therefore, to avoid regulatory penalties, they must secure and track each step of their processes: information collection, data routing, exchanges with stakeholders, and much more.

Benefits for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies

  • Improve communications, such as requests, and visibility for both internal and external contacts (stakeholders, distributors, health care providers, …)
  • Better manage audit controls thanks to process standardization
  • Enhance agility to better act on critical issues and save significant time and money in regulatory compliance activity
  • Boost the flow of approvals, like on new product developments, to reduce time to market and regulatory compliance activity

Document examples in pharmaceutical and biotech sectors

  • Protocols,
  • Maintenance forms and records,
  • Policies,
  • Certifications and labels,
  • Test methods,
  • And more…

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