The DMS software solution for Human Resources
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The DMS software for Human Resources

The DMS software solution for your HR department

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Digitalize HR files for a competitive workplace

The distribution to various departments of documents related to your employees (employment contracts, payslips, correspondence, etc.) or HR strategy (procedures, forms, etc.) can lead to a number of inconveniences.

Enhance the visibility, sharing, and processing of your HR-related information with Open Bee’s digital workspace. It enables you to access, share, collaborate, and validate all your work-related information.

Single point for the sharing of information

Increased productivity with fast searches

Reduced processing times

Centralize all of your HR information at a single point

Fill all documents exchanged with your employees, whatever their origin (HR IT system, email, Word, paper, etc.), in an organized tree structure made up of folders and sub-folders.
Set up an HR document portal to distribute all of your information (electronic payslips, in-house regulations, etc.) among your employees.
Protect yourself from obsolescence and the loss of documents!

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Speed up document approval

Automating HR workflow for leave and expense approvals

Integrate requests for paid leave and expense account reimbursements in an electronic approval workflow and ensure that they are approved within the required time frame.
Steer your HR activities with a real-time overview of all documents, displayed according to their status (pending processing, approved or refused).
Do away with paper document flows and save time when communicating with your employees, whether they are office-based or geographically dispersed.

Optimize the visibility of HR information

Find each document filed in a matter of seconds with a powerful search engine.
Provide each employee with fast, simple and secure access to the latest versions of HR documents (address lists, procedures, paid leave request sheets, expense reports, etc.).
Access your information wherever you are with the mobile application.

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Software for Human Resources

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With a powerful HR onboarding software solution, such as Open Bee, HR departments can significantly reduce time-consuming paperwork. They can focus on more added-value tasks of the new hire’s onboarding process instead of spending more and more time and money on administrative tasks.

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