Payslips and HR files digization
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Payslips and HR files digitization

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Simplify your HR document management

Perfectly adapted to the HR department’s digital requirements, the Open Bee solution allows you to streamline the distribution, approval, and archiving of all documents related to your employees.

Digitalize the management of all your HR documents

  • Electronically allocate pay cheques to your employees in individual private and secure workspaces,
  • Keep an electronic copy to meet legal requirements,
  • Allow your employees to access their documents from anywhere, anytime,
  • Keep all your employees’ HR documents (contracts, evaluations, letters, etc.) in an AFNOR (French national and International Organization for Standardization) certified electronic vault component,
  • Get your documents requiring validations approved in a trice,
  • Improve your agility with electronic forms, especially for managing timesheets, leave requests, job interviews, and evaluation reports,
  • Never miss a deadline again thanks to the automatic reminder (especially for probation periods),
  • Easily share any documents with your advisors and partners: employment lawyers, accountants, etc.

Involve your company
in an Eco-friendly approach

Reduce the time and costs
associated with printing

Strengthen your HR documents’ confidentiality

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Obtain tangible benefits

  • Significantly reduce the time and costs associated with printing, distribution, and filing of paper-based documents
  • Eliminate your paper cabinets to switch to a 100% electronic storage
  • Strengthen your HR documents’ confidentiality by managing accesses with different permission levels
  • Involve your company in an eco-friendly approach by limiting paper printings
  • Transform employees’ onboarding experience, get started with ready eform templates or personalize the onboarding experience to your preferences. Discover in our infographic our 3 best practices to get those great advantages in your company as well!

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HR document management

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