Transform employees’ onboarding experience
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Transform employees’ onboarding experience

We always say that the first impression is the most important one. Well, this is even more true in the recruitment process. If you want your new co-workers to stay, you must welcome them in the best way possible, and it does not start on their first day, it is way before that. In fact, some successful companies consider that it begins from the moment the candidate has applied or became a part of the recruitment.

Why onboarding is such important in new hire integration

A lot of companies do not have a strong onboarding program, yet one out of two employees say they already have faced a poor onboarding, or at least have experienced a misadventure at the beginning of a new job. It is a shame for companies to spend so much time and money on an irrelevant process; if your new hire quit the job because of a poor onboarding (30% quit in the first 6 months when it is the case), you will have to start it all over again. But this is not what you are looking for when you are hiring, right?

Because your HR service must prepare everything perfectly before the arrival, while involving all the other services concerned. Missing what you think as little details (company’s culture, main rules of the office, or even their own desk!) can hugely change your new hires’ mind and quickly turn into a miserable integration.

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A strong welcome plan always pays off

4 reasons why you should work on your onboarding program

  1. Positive brings positive : When you are warmly welcomed in a new company, you will be more enthusiastic and involved into your work. Why? Because we all want to think we are important and useful, and when it is the case, we become even more useful (and so productive).
  2. A nice place to stay : When your first impression of your new job is a good impression, you will be more likely to stay, obviously. In fact, a well-appreciated onboarding can increase employee retention by 25%.
  3. A boost of productivity : To feel well included in a team makes you want to involve yourself personally more, which can be reflected by a better performance (10% on average).
  4. Time and cost savings : Reduced training and all hidden costs (onboarding paperwork, administrative time, time spent to hire new staff member, …), and reduced new hires training time up to 50%. In sum, it’s stress-free!

Discover in our infographic our 3 best practices to get those great advantages in your company as well!

Employees onboarding experience

Successfully manage your employee onboarding experience

Open Bee is an end-to-end onboarding software solution, replacing time consuming paperwork with electronic forms, workflows, document portal and analytics module.

Here’s how it works the Open Bee onboarding platform is built on secure and trusted cloud architecture, enabling instant communication, and sharing of HR information between the new hire and multiple departments.

You and your new hire can easily access HR information from any device any time, so the right people get notified with the right information instantly.

Get started with ready e-form templates, or personalize the onboarding experience to your preferences.

Create a self-service portal giving employees instant online access to key HR documents and e-forms, streamline desk or office assignment, resource allocation, passwords, and security badge. And keep the status of the onboarding process for each new hire with advanced auditing and reporting capabilities.

Open Bee centralizes and digitizes employee paperwork to eliminate storage costs and displacement of documents. It has never been easier to keep HR documents organized and save time and money on onboarding.

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