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Document Management for Secretarial work

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Témoignage Dématérialisation

Streamline document management

Go paperless with Open Bee DMS

An increasing level of versatility is required for your position. You need to perform a wide and varied range of tasks on a daily basis, which involves the processing of many documents. Often in paper form, these documents can make your work more complex and time-consuming than it needs to be.

Find out how the DMS Open Bee can make the daily management of your documents faster and easier!

Revolutionize your workflow

Experience seamless document handling. Our digitization platform empowers you to effortlessly manage, organize, and access your documents electronically. Say goodbye to time-consuming paper processes and embrace a streamlined workflow. Unlock the potential of efficient document management for your secretarial work.

Effortless document digitization

Fill all of your documents in electronic form with a few clicks and waste no more energy managing paper document archives.

Convert a 40-page paper document into MS Word format in less than 10 seconds, with the same page formatting and layout as the original, and without having to manually input text.

No more photocopying – simply send a link to the relevant people via email with Open Bee™ solutions.

  • Increased productivity with fast searches
  • Access to all company information via your PC
  • Simplified archiving and filing of documents

Speed up the processing of your mail!

with Open Bee™ solutions

Distribute incoming mail to recipient departments and/or relevant staff members in electronic form, using the touchscreen of your multi-function solution.
Rapidly respond to your mail with pre-configured approval processes and templates.
Publish all of your paperless correspondence to third-parties (customers, suppliers, partners, etc.) via a secure extranet.

Efficient document retrieval and monitoring: OCR-Powered Document Management

Search and locate your filed documents in a matter of seconds with a keyword search of all document content, via Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology.
Benefit from precise monitoring of all information exchanged with your colleagues.
Gain access to all information via your computer and avoid going back and forth between departments.

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Open Bee™ solutions for your department

Find out how Open Bee™ solutions can make the daily management of your documents faster and easier!

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DMS for a Secretarial work

How does Open Bee DMS integrate with common office tools to streamline secretarial tasks?

Open Bee™ seamlessly integrates with popular office tools such as Microsoft Office, allowing secretaries to manage and process documents within familiar software environments. This integration facilitates a smooth transition to a digital document management system, enhancing overall workflow efficiency.

Can Open Bee facilitate personalized and efficient mail management for secretaries?

How does Open Bee™ enhance collaboration between secretaries and other team members?

How does Open Bee Solutions ensure the security of confidential documents and data for secretarial tasks?

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