Digitization facilitates incoming mail management
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Digitization facilitates incoming mail management

Every day, a company has to manage mail flows from different sources. In an organization, incoming mail is mostly made up of emails, faxes, letters, or even packages.

Manual mail processing can therefore generate significant operational costs and block productivity. This is especially true when some of the teams are on the field or telecommuting.

With our digitization platform, no more hand-delivered mail and no more mail in trays! Our solution simplifies mail delivery and enables its distribution in no time.

The simplified and digitized steps of incoming mail management

1. Mail reception

First of all, incoming mail, whether it is received in paper or digital format, is captured thanks to the intelligent recognition engine: Smart Capture.

Combining Machine Learning and Deep Learning technologies, the solution automatically identifies mail’s key data such as the sender, the recipient, the date, the subject, and the level of urgency.

The records are then filed and renamed according to a well-defined charter.

Open Bee Capture

2. Automatic delivery of incoming mail

Electronic mail is dynamically delivered at once to the different recipients involved. Coworkers are instantly notified by email or via their dashboard, where tasks can be checked and processed.

A simple click on the notification link allows them to view the document online.

Coworkers can then easily express a suitable answer from a pre-formatted template library and then state the task as completed. The mail and its answer can then be securely archived.

3. Real-time tracking and analysis

On the Administrative Manager’s side, he can follow in real-time the processing of the mail and follow up on pending tasks.

The Analytics module also allows going further and draw a global trends analysis by document type. Thanks to graphical reports, they will be able, for example, to easily highlight which type of customer complaint comes up the most often.

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The benefits of digitizing incoming mail

Our Document Management System (DMS) reduces time-consuming tasks and digitizes your business processes effortlessly. By choosing a global digitization platform, you will be able to:

  • Save time at each stage of mail processing and thus improve the overall productivity of your company.
  • Significantly the response time and improve their satisfaction.
  • Better coordinate departments by streamlining exchanges between each manager
  • Last but not least, make important cost savings by eliminating paper, thus getting rid of paper copies and archives.

Integrating a capture module based on Artificial Intelligence, the Open Bee DMS solution allows you to transform the way you manage your mail daily.

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