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Logiciel GED recherche et developpement

How to make an efficient digital workplace ?

R&D teams are faced with a variety of challenges. Firstly, they need to provide the various project teams with access to all relevant information. Furthermore, geographically dispersed staff members need to be able to participate in and monitor the progress of projects.

Optimize the coordination and monitoring of your projects with our DMS solutions!

Centralize and share project-related information with ease

Create virtual spaces devoted to individual projects and group together all relevant information, whatever its origin : business-specific software, office automation, email, paper, etc.

Facilitate access to project-related information, whatever the geographical location of project members.

Make it possible for several people to work on the same document at once.

  • Fast Searches
  • Access to project files at all times
  • Single point for the sharing of information
Open Bee GED

All about your project is shared and checked

Enhance information exchange and communication for your projects

Publish discussion threads for project-related documents, to provide an overview of comments from all those involved.

Share all documents with external partners through the sending of secure links.

Provide 24/7 access to all your projects with mobile applications !

Improve the productivity of R&D teams with a DMS software solution

Set up notification systems that alert each member of a project in real time when a document is modified.

Implement electronic approval processes to speed up the approval of documents prior to publication.

Ensure that all documents required for the management of a project are published thanks to the auto-complete function.

Our solution for your department

Find out how Open Bee™ solutions can help you optimize the coordination and monitoring of your R&D projects !

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What types of documents are managed for R&D teams with Open Bee’s solutions?

Open Bee’s comprehensive suite of solutions is specifically designed to optimize the management of diverse documents. By leveraging advanced technologies, Open Bee facilitates efficient handling of various crucial R&D documents such as:

  • Research proposals
  • Research Tax Credit (RIC) documentation
  • Experimental data
  • Technical specifications
  • Laboratory notebooks
  • Test reports
  • Clinical trial data
  • Intellectual property documentation
  • Project plans
  • Regulatory submissions
  • Quality control documentation
  • Collaboration agreements

How can Open Bee’s solutions streamline the management of the Research and Development’s documents?

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