Microsoft Dynamics Business Central integration to automate your accounts payable processes
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Microsoft Dynamics Business Central integration to automate your accounts payable processes

Today, more than ever, we are facing a world that is completely changing, where working habits are evolving at an unmatched speed. To succeed, companies’ digital transformation must go far beyond investing in ERP software hosted in the cloud! It must involve the digitization of all business processes. Are you using Microsoft Dynamics Business Central daily? Discover with Open Bee, how to go further and manage your purchasing activity, and thus, manage your growth effortlessly.

Simplify your financial processes from Dynamics NAV/Business Central

Make purchase order management a breeze in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central is available both on Cloud and On-premises. It is a complete ERP where you can manage all sales, customer, supplier, and purchasing documents and information. When it is on the Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics Business Central does not have access to the database, so it is through access to web services that you can directly query.

Directly from the Microsoft Dynamics Business Central application in combination with our Open Bee software, you can generate purchase orders, print them via a virtual printer, automatically recognize and extract information from Open Bee Smart or Scan Capture, then archive, share, distribute, validate, and more.

In Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, you can find all your purchasing documents: the list of suppliers with their information, the purchase orders, the price requests, and invoices. Here we will focus on purchase invoices.

Seamlessly process your supplier invoices in just 7 steps

When receiving an invoice, the objective is to compare it with the associated purchase order(s) and then send the information to the software.

From your Microsoft Dynamics Business Central application, you can, in a few clicks, share your orders with your suppliers. Not only will your purchase orders be instantly communicated by email to your contacts, but they will also be filed in a structured way within a true electronic document management system.

Integrating an artificial intelligence engine, Open Bee automatically recognizes all the key information of your invoices. Interfaced with your Microsoft application, Open Bee detects for you any discrepancies such as a difference between the amount of the invoice and the one on the purchase order, and thus automates the process of requesting a credit note. With a powerful workflow engine, Open Bee will also allow you to dynamically generate emails to your suppliers by capturing key information, such as invoice and order references, differences in amounts, errors in quantities delivered or invoiced; and to modify the order’s status in Business Central.

Discover the process step by step:

1-Get your invoice in a PDF format (by scanning it or downloading it) and paste it into our intelligent capture engine in Open Bee.

2-Open the document to see what has been recognized and extracted (the date, the due date, the invoice number, the amounts, the PO number, and the involved buyer — the one informed in the file of this supplier).

3-Compare it to the associated purchase order (amount, quantities, unit prices, …) found by the solution and stored in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central.

4-You can also check the status of the PO in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central.

5-See if it indicates that the invoice is accurate, add a comment if not, and validate the document. If it is not compliant with the PO, you will see a message saying “Please check the invoice”.

6-If you open Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, you can see that the invoice has been integrated into the “purchase invoices” tab with the information extracted by Open Bee Scan/Smart Capture too.

7-It will then be sent into an approval workflow with three parts Control/Litigation/Accounting and archived in a structured way.

If the invoice does not match the purchase order:

8-After being validated, you can see in Open Bee, in the supplier folder, that a letter requesting a credit note has been automatically generated via an electronic form.

9-The form tool allows you to completely customize the Word document (ie. create an email template) with header, logo, and footer and then use it as a basis to generate a document.

10-In this letter is automatically indicated: a number of automatically generated mail, the subject (here credit note request), the number of the invoice concerned, the recipient of the mail.

11-The text that has been pre-built in the invoice can also directly specify the difference detected in the invoice and the comment you added during the check in Capture.

12-After validation a mail document that is ready to be sent to the supplier is automatically generated.

You can also use Open Bee Smart Search to retrieve documents and information stored in any business tools where text can be selected (MS Office, third-party DMS, ERP, …) thanks to a fully customized keyboard shortcut.

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Get the best of both worlds with the combination of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and Open Bee

The process can be adapted to numerous document types: overhead expenses, invoices with a single order, and multi-order invoices. In the same way, we could receive a supplier order, scan it and generate a purchase order. Or scan received price requests/catalogues and integrate the elements directly into the software. In full transparency, you will be able to integrate your accounting entries into your Microsoft application.

This shows that we can interface Open Bee DMS with several ERPs to validate, send, generate, and retrieve information automatically, saving a lot of time. Therefore, it is very easy depending on the web services available or the possible actions, to interact with any tool, and then why not complete your purchase-to-pay process with other Open Bee modules: workflows, eForms, document lifecycle management, etc.

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