Release Note Open Bee Portal 6.13
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Release Note Open Bee Portal 6.13

Version 6.13 of the DMS Open Bee has enriched the Open Bee platform with new features and modules. Users can now benefit from it to take full advantage of Open Bee technologies and know-how.

The new features of the DMS Open Bee, module by module

1. Filing categories: new auto-increment metadata

A new auto-increment metadata type is available on the Open Bee Portal filing rules. This new type provides two additional features:

Open Bee DMS platform

Filing restrictions based on file format

It is now possible to block the use of a filing rule to specific types of documents in order to avoid handling errors. These restrictions, which could be set directly on the filing rule, can be different for each user

Open Bee DMS platform

2. Life cycle module, automatic reminders

The document life cycle module is enhanced with a new feature that allows you to set up automatic reminders on documents. These documents can be processed by activating a task or a workflow on the date of the reminder.

3. Electronic Signature Module: DocuSign Integration

The electronic signature module for documents has been upgraded by integrating a new electronic signature provider: DocuSign. Subscription to a DocuSign account will be required to use this functionality.

Open Bee DMS platform electronic signature

4. Post-it module

A post-it note is a message destined for one or more users and associated with a color. A post-it can be confidential and targeted to a specific user or group of users.

Open Bee DMS Portal

5. Mobile : Push notification

Open Bee DMS platform

From now on, every notification triggered in Open Bee Portal also triggers a push notification to mobile devices that have subscribed to the notification service through the Open Bee Mobile app.
These notifications can be received even if the Open Bee Mobile application is not currently running on the device.

Open Bee Portal: Improvements

Import and synchronisation module for users from an Active Directory

The module allowing to synchronize the management of Open Bee Portal users with an Active Directory has been reworked in order to correct some dysfunctions and allow a better ease of use.

Open Bee DMS Portal

Workflow: do not trigger the workflow when filing a document

It is now possible to create automatic workflows that will not be started when the document is added. These workflows can then be started manually

Open Bee DMS platform workflow

Workflow Notifications: adding the document as an attachment

It is possible to add to the notification sent at the end of the workflow by attaching the document validated in the workflow. Please note: the document will only be added as an attachment to the email if the frequency of notifications of the user is set to immediate. In case the recipient receives a daily or weekly summary email, documents are not added as attachments.

Release Note Open Bee portal

Advanced electronic signatures become compatible with on-premise environments

The advanced electronic signature with Universign, previously reserved for the CLOUD environment, is now compatible with the On Premise environment provided that a dedicated account is used.

Release Note Open Bee portal

Sharing: Allow printing of the shared document from the PDF viewer

If the “download” permission is enabled when the document is shared, the user who receives the share link will be able to print
the document without having to download it. The print option is available on the PDF previewer

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