New features of Open Bee DMS
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New features of Open Bee DMS platform

New features enrich the Open Bee DMS platform with the release of version 6.12. Here is a presentation of the new software products: Open Bee Portal and Open Bee Sphere!

New features of Open Bee DMS platform

Release Note 6.12- Official Webinar
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1. Online Edition

Document preview

The Online Edition – Office 365 add-on comes with Open Bee Portal and Open Bee Sphere 6.12. This feature allows you to view content via Office 365 and co-edit documents online.

Collaborate on documents in real time

With the integration of the Office 365 plug-in in Open Bee DMS, you can collaborate with others on a Word document, Excel spreadsheet, or PowerPoint presentation, with everyone having the document open at the same time.

Online preview of an Excel spreadsheet

2. Electronic Signature

Electronic Stamp

This new feature, introduced in Open Bee Portal 6.12, allows you to create electronic signature stamps that can be easily applied on the document.

Automatic sending

Automatic sending allows you to send to multiple recipients one or several documents to sign.

Automatic sending

3. Extranet

Creation of a shared folder

With Open Bee Portal 6.12, it is possible to set a folder in an Extranet that will be shared with all external users, who have access rights to the Extranet.

Email customization

Now you can send customized messages per different document types you share with others.

4. Workflow

Automatic metadata modification

Within a workflow and upon validation or rejection of a task, it is now possible to automatically modify the value of a specific metadata.

Automatic metadata modification

5. Multi-instance

Traditionally, Open Bee Portal DMS is configured like a single-instance environment where every single instance is installed on one on-premise server or across cloud infrastructure, with no possibility to interact with other instances. The 6.12 version of Open Bee Portal enables multiple single instances hosted on different servers to communicate together to ease the sharing of files and folders while increasing content security.

Multi-Instance module

Key features


Other products and new improvements of DMS platform

Open Bee Smart Capture – Multi-outputs

Within Open Bee Smart Capture, it is now possible to dynamically set multiple output destinations based on defined criteria.

Open Bee Portal: Improvements in 6.12 release

To prevent Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks, the Open Bee portal enables now to allow or restrict cookies. This will force the user to authenticate every time he accesses Open Bee™ Portal from a third-party app or website.

A new role permission has been added to enable the consultation of documents linked together.

When searching for content, search time has been improved for queries related to lists with a high number of records (200 and above).

It is now possible to perform document automatic sharing based on email metadata of an electronic form.

Automatic sharing can now be triggered on multiple metadata and conditions.

It is now possible to directly assign several users or groups to a folder when creating a subscription.

In a nutshell, the release of Open Bee Portal 6.12 grants you with numerous improvements. Among them, major features such as the possibility to edit Office documents online, or to automate signature notifications to multiple recipient at once. In addition the new multi-instance module boosts collaboration across subsidiaries while enjoying the same top-notch level of security.

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