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Online tutorial videos Open Bee DMS

Welcome on the tutorials sections of Open Bee

Learn how to set-up your Open Bee Platform and use this cloud-based program for managing your professional documents

Get started with Open Bee

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Lesson 1: How to get started with Open Bee? Open Bee software enables you to scan any file you want to keep and organize. Customers, suppliers, HR records, pretty much anything, you would like to store electronically, share, retrieve or approve instantly !

Installing Sync tool

Lesson 2: Installing Sync Tool. Today I will show you a simple way to upload automatically paper documents from your scanning device to Open Bee.

Adding filing categories

Lesson 3: Adding Filing Categories. Today let’s see how to file a large amount of scanned paper documents into structured folders, quicker than ever before.

Adding Users

Lesson 4: Open Bee DMS for Adding users : Today in this short tutorial video, we will see how to invite your contacts to join Open Bee and how to set their permissions.

Search for documents

Lesson 5: Open Bee DMS for Search documents : Today in this short tutorial video, we will see how to search for documents and how to use the Open Bee search feature.

Assign a task

Lesson 7: for Assign a task : Today let’s see how to keep your work on track and your team involved with the Open Bee simple & visual task management tool.

Customize your Open Bee platform

Lesson 8: Today in this short tutorial video, we will see how to customize your Open Bee Platform with your own company logo, colours and wording for a professional, branded experience. Let’s explore now how to set up your custom branding!

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