Collected scholastic information needs digital too
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Collected scholastic information needs digital too

Whether you are an elementary, secondary school, college, university, or a training center, your institution manipulates many forms in the day-to-day work: to run admissions, evaluate teachers and students, communicate relevant information with parents/guardians, and so on. Moreover, as learning has been forced to turned mostly to digital this last year, should not administrative work do the same? How can we transform the collected scholastic information in digital too?

Is your admin department still handling forms manually?

As mentioned, most educational establishments all around the world completely closed for at least several weeks, if it is not months, so as yours. But this does not mean that teachers and students stopped courses. This setup cannot be handled through paper and manual-based communication, so digital appears as the most suitable solution. In such a situation, staff and parents need to save time to communicate important information, but also establishments must save on useless resources like paper and physical storage, to invest in technologies that support distance learning.

More generally, paper forms greatly increase the risk of collecting or interpreting data wrongly, which would require redoing the same process, thus affecting your administration department’s productivity regarding data collection. On the student side, losing consent for example could highly impact their activities as they could not be able to attend some of them requiring parental consent.

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7 reasons why you should digitize and automate your form processes

As educational institutions increasingly digitize their operations, the advantages of automating form processes become clear. To illuminate this transition, here are seven reasons why digitizing and automating your form processes is a transformative step for any educational setting:

Getting rid of physical storage means all student, teacher, or academic-related information is safely electronically stored and kept away from natural disasters.

Students, parents, or staff can send anything that needs admin’s intervention more or less urgently and your team receives it immediately to be able to answer it in a matter of minutes.

Your administration department would not need paper trays or filing cabinets anymore to be able to process and collect the daily data they receive, making their workspace much clearer and job easier!

With distance learning, teachers and students are more likely to need information where they are not on site. Therefore, they need to be able to access and complete forms from anywhere, anytime, and with any mobile device.

Communicate with parents, collect their consents/authorizations, give them relevant information regarding their children’s education has never been such effortless. You do not need to wait for students to make them sign anything anymore.

You enable your educational team to keep up communication with students, especially when they are studying at home. You can know how they feel about the situation, if they are technologically equipped or if they need anything from you to improve distance learning.

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