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Garnier-Thiebaut manage all suppliers’ invoices with automation

A company specialised in the weaving, creation and commercialisation of household linen.

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What made you choose Open Bee™?

We’ve been working with you for about a decade now, as we use Konica Minolta photocopiers and printers, so we have built up a trusting relationship. We got to meet our Konica Minolta consultant who helped us cross the first hurdle, and found the ideal starting point for our digital transformation.

This has been a substantial change for our users who aren’t always technically-minded. We wanted a solution that would be really easy to use and pleasing to the eye, and therefore widely adopted. Failing which, the whole project was at risk of falling by the wayside. But it has proved super easy to use, and in web mode too, so our customers don’t need to install it.

It has a very simple user interface, and is visually very pleasant too.

The other solutions were pretty dated and less attractive. This solution offered the best value for money in terms of all the features we needed, and an automatic document-reading function in particular. Mobility was also an important issue for us, an option that isn’t shared by all solutions.

How do you use our platform?

Here at Garnier-Thiebaut, the person at the reception desk handles all our mail, collecting letters and scanning invoices. Once this has been done, our staff in charge of supplier accounts can carry out all the video coding operations. I only use it for validation, and to consult documents. We are now able to monitor invoices that haven’t been validated on time, and send punctual reminders to department heads to ensure that invoices are validated and paid in good time.

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  • Optimized supplier relations
  • Simplified invoice approval
  • We save about 20 hours of work

What advantages do you see using Open Bee solutions?

Concerning invoices, we’ve estimated that the accounting department now saves about 20 hours of work a week when it comes to finding and scanning documents.
We also save a lot of time searching for documents that are irretrievably lost because they haven’t been filed in the proper place.
We only have to type in the key word for a document to be instantly located, even when it isn’t in the right file, and the user has made a mistake. And it’s a space-saver too. Before, we needed lots of folders, filing cabinets and storage areas… In fact, we were starting to run out of space. That’s one of the essential points: digital solutions (i.e. hard drives) take up a lot less space than reams of paper filed in folders.

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