Optimize business processes

Improve the flow, sharing and management of your information!

With centralization of information, simple and fast access, removal of manual operations, and more, Open Bee™ solutions enable you to optimize your business document processes and increase daily productivity.

Improve customer service

Centralize all documents exchanged with your customers, whatever their origin (Outlook email, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, business management software, CRM, etc.).

Access all information related to your customers in a matter of seconds to increase responsiveness.

Optimise handling and communication processes for documents requiring a signature (delivery notes, quotations, acceptance reports, etc.) through the use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Facilitate financial processes

Remove the need for manual inputting of supplier invoice data in your accounting IT system.

Reduce invoice processing time with pre-configured approval processes for each supplier (reconciliation with purchase orders).

Centralise your financial documents and share them easily with all of your employees or external partners (accountants, auditors, etc.).

Optimise your HR processes and enhance your employee relationship

Centralize documents such as payslips, contracts, correspondence, and certificates, for all your employees, in electronic form and find them at any time in just a few seconds.

Offer a single point of publication and access for all company information, with no geographical limits: welcome handbooks, procedures, forms, etc.

Simplify the approval process for paid leave and expense receipts.


  • Instant document searches

  • Centralization of all company information

  • Facilitated communication of information

  • Simpler and faster approval of documents

  • Reduction of manual operations

  • Optimized collaborative work

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