Document security: How to make sure you are working safely?
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Document security: How to make sure you are working safely?

Security is a major issue for infrastructures regarding data protection and confidentiality. Too many companies still overlook the quality of their backup systems, often for financial reasons. But cyberattacks are a fact of life in the digital world. They can affect any type of organization, whatever its size, sector, or reputation.

How do cyberattacks impact SMBs?

As the number of cyberattacks victims is rising, so do their types: malware, phishing, data breaches, ransomware, … and so on. Cybercriminals may attempt to damage an organization’s system because of its security vulnerabilities. But do you know how it can truly affect your business?

First and foremost, losing your valuable and sensitive data is the worst that could happen: divulgation and sharing of confidential information are a real threat to your business. Plus, repairing those kinds of attacks costs a lot of money, and depending on the kind of cyber-attack you may have to pay to get your information back.

These engender a significant financial loss for your company. But that is not the only thing. The time spent to recover will disrupt your business, which can make you miss important business opportunities too. This will be combined with the loss of customers, sales, and a reduction in profits due to the damage caused to your reputation.

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Why a DMS can help you protect your data

Among the multiple features of a Document Management Solution, some can be a great help in protecting your information against cyberattacks. The major one is a regular backup of data stored in the system, enabling a safe recovery of data loss.

Keep your sensitive data secure with Open Bee

Reduced risks are the main goal

Obviously, you cannot 100% eliminate the risk of being attacked by cybercriminals; this is impossible. But you can still prevent most of them and limit their consequences. Indeed, you truly reduce the risks of losing your information with data recovery. Above all, the fact of putting in place true security policies creates more consistency in your business processes with which you mostly use digital tools now, hence increasing your compliance with regulations regarding the security of data.

Check out our infographic and learn step by step how to keep your information secure in combination with a Document Management Solution!

Security infographic

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