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Open Bee™ Mobile

Access your documents anytime & anywhere!

Available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone, Open Bee™ Mobile enables you to classify, consult and share all your business documents on Open Bee™ Portal.

Access your company's information with no geographical limits

Access all documents classified in your Open Bee™ Portal EDM system from your smartphone or tablet.

Retrieve a document in seconds using a key word contained in this document (type, name, date…).

Look up your documents using the preview function.

Collaborate in mobility

Process your pending tasks: document classification, validations, discussion threads.

Easily share documents with internal or external colleagues.

Have delivery dockets and estimates signed directly from your mobile device.

Make your sales and technical teams more agile

Present the very latest version of your sales documents to your customers directly from your tablet.

Upload photos and videos shot in the field in real time.

Modernise your image by using leading edge work methods.


  • Access your documents without any geographical limitations

  • Greater collaboration between office-based and mobile teams

  • Productivity gains

  • Conviviality

  • Save money on document operating costs

  • Modernise your image

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