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Document management has never been easier. Open Bee’s straightforward, intuitive system includes multiple advanced features that will transform the way you work and collaborate, speed up your filing process, and improve efficiency when searching for documents.

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*At the end of the 1-month Open Bee free trial period you will have the choice to Stop or Continue using Open Bee solution. Open Bee will send you an email notification five days before your trial period ends. Your business partner will contact you then to know your decision.

Should you want to stop to use Open Bee Solution, you will have 15 days (after the end of your trial period) to collect any documents posted on Open Bee. After the 15days notice, your Open Bee trial platform will be stopped, and all data will be securely deleted.

Should you want to continue to use Open Bee Solution, your company will need to subscribe, through your business partner, to an annual pay plan or to go for on premise version.

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