Secure Remote Working

Secure Remote Working

Our offer: 3 months Free Trial

Home office

During the ongoing coronavirus outbreak and in order to support businesses in managing the increased number of users working remotely, Open Bee has decided to offer to any company the possibility to benefit (free of charge, with no commitment) from a cloud version of Open BEE DMS platform (all option, up to a limit of 100 users / 1 TB of data) for 3 months. *

Offer valid until the 31st of August 2020

To benefit from the offer, please register the following information:

Partner details

*At the end of the 3 month Open Bee free trial period you will have the choice to Stop or Continue using Open Bee solution. Open Bee will send you an email notification five days before your trial period ends. Your business partner will contact you then to know your decision.

Should youwant to stop to use Open Bee Solution, you will have 15 days (after the end ofyour trial period) to collect any documents posted on Open Bee. After the 15days notice, your Open Bee trial platform will be stopped and all data will besecurely deleted.

Should youwant to continue to use Open Bee Solution, your company will need to subscribe,through your business partner, to an annual pay plan.

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