Open Bee Sync

Open Bee™ Sync

Synchronise all your documents!

Directly integrated into the Microsoft Windows operating system, the Open Bee™ Sync solution enables you to synchronise, secure and archive all documents and folders on your workstation with your personal space on your Open Bee™ Portal document management solution.

Your documents on all your devices

Move your files to the Open Bee™ synchronisation folder on your computer.

Effortlessly back up your documents to the secure personal folder (Secure Zone) of your Open Bee™ Portal EDM system.

Every document addition, modification or deletion is carried over to all the connected computers and devices.

Automatically synchronise your work spaces

Open Bee™ Sync also monitors a specific folder on your computer where your scanned paper documents arrive.

Each new file is automatically routed to the “Classification” section of the Open Bee™ Portal EDM system.

All you then have to do is classify it directly from your Web interface!

Classify huge folders with ease

Drag and drop batches of high volume document folders to your synchronisation folder.

Your files are then sent in bulk from your workstation to Open Bee™ Portal.

Log on to your document portal, your documents have been automatically archived while complying with the original classification and naming guidelines!


  • Save time and gain in productivity

  • Automatic synchronisation across all your devices

  • Fast and easy archiving

  • Optimum management of the various versions of your documents

  • Optimized collaborative working

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