Open Bee Scan

Open Bee™ Scan

Set yourself free from all paper constraints !

Say goodbye to cumbersome paper folders and filing cabinets and hello to easier searches and massive productivity gains… The Open Bee™ Scan solution enables you to classify all your paper documents in electronic form.

Your gateway to a paper-free office!

File all your paper documents in electronic format and get rid of all the inconvenience of manual filing.

Use classification rules specially tailored to your business, developed jointly with professionals from different business sectors.

Retrieve your documents renamed and classified in a structured manner in your Open Bee™ Portal EDM system on your Windows workstation or FTP server.

Index and classify your paper documents

Adopt a classification system right from your MFP’s touchscreen to scan low volumes of paper documents.

Use key words and drop-down lists to preview and index your scanned documents from your workstation for intermediate volumes.

Automate the classification of large volumes of documents through automatic document recognition (ADR) or barcode recognition.

Convert them to the desired format

Classify your documents in an easy to search format (PDF OCR), long lasting and compliant with ISO and AFNOR archiving standards ( PDF/A)

No more retyping documents with conversion to Microsoft Word and Excel formats while maintaining the original page layout of your document.

Select the size of your scanned documents (high, medium or low definition) depending on your needs.


  • Rapid document search

  • No more lost paper documents

  • Cut storage costs

  • Significant productivity gains

  • Put archive rooms to better use and save space

  • Optimize your multifunction printer devices

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