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Open Bee™ Portal

Centralize your information in a secure document space !

Easy to use and highly efficient, the Open Bee™ Portal document management solution helps you classify, search and share all types of files between your various colleagues and partners.

Organize efficient document classification

Centralize all your information in one single area regardless of the original format (paper, Word, Excel, emails, software package documents…).

File your documents in a structured folder and sub-folder tree structure.

Take advantage of classification systems specially tailored to your business, developed jointly with professionals from different business sectors.

Access your information with ease

Find all your classified documents in an instant.

Whether you are in the office or on the road, look up your information from your workstation, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Check out your to-do list and important messages at any time from your personal dashboard.

GED - Gestion électronique de documents

Collaborate in total serenity

Create virtual work spaces to store and share specific documents.

Manage your work groups by means of discussion threads.

Send high volume files to your internal and external contacts quickly and easily

Speed up document validation

Create linear validation circuits for any document requiring a simple approval (e.g.: holiday request, incoming letter…)

Deploy conditional validation circuits for any document requiring more complex processing (requisition order, purchase order…).

Significantly cut your document approval times by setting alerts and completion deadlines.

Accélérez la validation de documents
GED Open Bee Portal

Optimize your business processes

Implement a document portal to develop and enhance the relationship with your customers.

Distribute pay slips to your employees in electronic format stored in personal and secure spaces.

You can be sure you communicate folders containing all the documents required by means of data completion rules.

Secure your data

Create confidentiality rules to manage user rights to view, edit or delete.

Communicate documents to third parties by means of links protected by passwords and expiry dates.

Encrypt your folders and files and be protected against unauthorised access.

Successfully implement an EDM project

Install and configure your Open Bee™ Portal EDM solution in record time by means of the following features: user import, AD/LDAP synchronization, choice of language, home screen customization…

Enable such advanced features as classification rules, dynamic links, buffers, automatic subscriptions and the OCR indexation engine…

Benefit from professional services to help you implement your Open Bee™ solution.


  • Simplified document archiving and classification

  • Access to the company’s information at all times

  • Optimized collaborative working

  • Optimal data security and confidentiality

  • Lower document management costs

  • Enhanced productivity

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