Open Bee™ eMail Capture

Capture and manage your electronic messages

Thanks to a dynamic interface with your email system, Open Bee™ eMail Capture enables you to automatically file the emails and attachments you receive and send.

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Capture your electronic messages

100% compatible with main email systems, Open Bee™ eMail Capture enables you to define advanced filing categories depending on specific criteria : key words in the emails header, subject and/or body and custom variables (sender, date, time).

File, share and process them easily

Dynamically file emails and attachments in Open Bee™ Portal, or in a predefined Windows folder.

Distribute them to Open Bee™ Portal users and guests and configurate workflows dynamic triggering to process them.


  • Eliminating silos

    Eliminating silos

  • Strengthening traceability and security

    Strengthening traceability and security

  • Lowering storage space needs

    Lowering storage space needs

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