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A new user profile for your Open Bee DXP solution
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A new user profile for your Open Bee DXP solution

DMS are getting more and more popular in business organizations, over the last years it became the first tool to manage digitalization. But if you are a part of a large organization, you can easily guess how expensive a hundred user licenses can be. Thanks to our new read-only user profile, which represents about 20% of a standard user price, you can now provide all your workforce at the lowest cost.

Spread the use of Open Bee DMS throughout your company

What is the new read-only user profile for? 

Firstly, it was developed to extend existing user roles in the solution for a greater sharing of content within your company.

Secondly, we know that it could be quite troublesome to pay full price for standard users, whereas most of your workforce only need periodically access to view documents. 5 time cheaper than standard user, our new read-only user that is available both on premise and in the cloud, will enable you to operate your Open Bee platform more efficiently while savings costs on software licenses.

Assign the right user role to the right co-worker

Whatever your department is, Sales, Technical or Human Resources, the read-only user is the perfect user type in comparison to standard and guest users, as it allows internal employees to browse all the folders and subfolders structure of your Open Bee Document management system.

When an employee who produce information will surely need full access to your Open Bee solution, read-only profile will be sufficient for most of your workforce.

Actually, the read-only user can solely:

Want to discover all interesting facts about our new read-only user profile? Check out our fact sheet below.

What will you find in this fact sheet?

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