Gestion éléctronique de documents GED

Electronic Document Management

Equip yourself with a high-performance and intuitive solution to optimise your information use!

With centralization of information, simple and fast access, secure sharing, and more, Open Bee™ solutions enable you to organize filing, searching and sharing of all types of files with all of your colleagues and partners.

Des solutions ged qui s'adaptent à vos habitudes de travail

Centralize your information in a secure document space !

Whatever the origin of your documents (paper, Outlook email, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, business management software, HR software, ERP, etc.), file your information in a single space in a structured way.

Implement a comprehensive archiving policy for files related to your clients, employees, suppliers, patients, residents, students, or projects, in full compliance with laws.

Ensure the confidentiality of your information thanks to secure management of your files, with passwords and encryption.

Access the information you are looking for simply and fast

Find any document in a matter of seconds thanks to the integrated search engine.

Whether you are at the office, visiting a client, or travelling on public transport, access your documents in a universal manner via your computer (desktop, laptop) or mobile device (smartphone, tablet).

Benefit from the use of internationally renowned OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to find any document with a keyword search.

GED - Gestion électronique de documents
Recherche ultérieure et partage simplifiés

Share information for more added value

Organise the sharing of information with your employees in a fully transparent way with confidentiality rules.

Share a multitude of documents with external contacts, without needing to compress them and in a totally secure way.

Create guest areas for your partners, customers and external contacts, in order to share information on a regular basis.


  • Instant document searches

  • Centralization of all company information

  • Optimized collaborative work

  • Enhanced security and confidentiality

  • Reduction of document management-related costs

  • Access to company information anywhere and at any time

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