GED et Dématérialisation Open Bee

Collaborative work

Work effectively as a team with your documents!

With simplified sharing, optimised management, enhanced communication, and more, Open Bee™ solutions enable you to work together effectively on strategic documents.

Share and manage your information in a simple way

Create the work areas you need for each of your projects quickly and easily.

Organise the sharing of documents and folders in a simple way, for user groups that need to work together on the same files.

Enable all employees sharing a folder to add files, as well as delete or modify existing files.

Work on files as a team

Exchange business data with your employees and work on files as a team, in real time, with locking, version management, comment and discussion thread functions.

Manage your tasks and monitor the progress of your projects in real time, with a personal dashboard.

Implement pre-distribution approval procedures.

Recherche ultérieure et partage simplifiés

Promote the communication and distribution of information

Avoid redundant information, numerous emails with document attachments and related waste of time by inviting your contacts to consult information online (or download).

Notify your employees (or external contacts) of document publications or modifications in real time.

Offer mobile and remote access to all information and remove the constraints of geographic distance.


  • Optimised collaborative work

  • Simplified document sharing

  • Simpler and faster document approval

  • Facilitated communication of information

  • Access to company information anywhere and at any time

  • Efficient task management

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