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Town halls & local authorities

Facilitate the management of incoming mail and comply with applicable standards !

Town hall and local authority staff manage numerous documents in paper form (incoming mail, supplier invoices, etc.) on a daily basis. Furthermore, current French standards require the digitisation of certain processes (e.g. financial processes via the PES v2 protocol).

Find out how Open Bee™ solutions enable you to save time in the management of incoming mail and comply with scan protocols.

Optimize the processing of incoming mail

Distribute incoming mail to recipient departments and/or relevant staff members in electronic form, using the touchscreen of your multi-function solution.

File them in an organized tree structure made up of folders and sub-folders, according to the tracking number, date of receipt, etc., in the Open Bee™ Portal EDM system.

Maintain traceability of processed mail by dynamically linking the response to the original letter.

Be prepared for the arrival of new scan requirements

Scan and benefit from the latest automatic document recognition technologies for a paperless supplier invoice system.

Integrate your accounting data directly in your business software.

Do away with paper document flows between your accounts department and public authorities.

Share information in a simple way

Implement an easy-to-use tool to share your documents between all sites and departments (general management, childcare, local police, etc.).

Enable all your personnel to find the right information fast.

Provide your elected representatives with remote access to information, from their homes or mobile devices.


  • Time savings

  • Cost optimization

  • Fast access to all documents

  • Reduction of paper document storage

  • Improved payment times

  • Secured exchanges

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