Insurance companies

Access all your customer files in a single click !

Contracts, additional clauses, supporting documents, all of these documents in paper form fill up your archive rooms and waste time during searches.

With Open Bee™, store all your customer files in electronic form and find any information instantly.

File your documents with ease

Centralize all documents related to your customers, whatever their original form (paper, office automation, email, etc.), at a single point.

File them in an organized tree structure made up of folders and sub-folders, according to the name of the customer, the type of policy (car, home, etc.) or the date of signature.

Access all customer files with ease, whether you are in the office or on the move, with mobile applications.

Optimize your customer relationships

Don’t keep the customer waiting – find a contract on your computer in a matter of seconds, with the policy number or the name of the provider.

Implement electronic workflows to process claims and complaints faster.

Receive alerts automatically for important deadlines, such as contract renewals.


  • Simplified filing of customer files

  • Fast searches for all documents

  • Enhanced traceability

  • Reduced document management-related costs

  • Physical storage space saving

  • Optimized customer relationship

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