Clubs & Federations

Facilitate the management of your membership files

Membership requests, supporting documents, and medical certificates, all of these documents in paper form waste your time once a year and fill up your archive rooms.

With Open Bee™, file in electronic form and update all documents making up your membership files in a few clicks !

GED et Dématérialisation Open Bee

File your documents in a simple way !

Centralize all membership documents, whatever their origin (paper, office automation, emails, etc.), at a single point and in electronic form.

Benefit from barcode reading and character recognition technologies in order to index and file various documents automatically.

Find your files organized in a tree structure of folders and sub-folders, directly in the Open Bee™ Portal EDM system.

Access all documents with ease

Find a file on your computer in just a few seconds, with a membership number, name, membership date, etc.

Update each membership file (membership fee, medical certificate, invoice) in a simple way.

Receive alerts automatically for important deadlines, such as membership renewals.


  • Simplified filing of membership files

  • Fast searches for all documents

  • Enhanced traceability

  • Simplified updating of files

  • Physical storage space saving

  • Reduction of document management-related costs

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