Scan and capture

Free yourself of the constraints of paper!

No more bulky files and archives, easier searches, productivity gains and more. With Open Bee™ solutions, you can file all of your paper documents in electronic form.

Solutions that can adapt to the volume and types of documents exchanged

Select the technology that suits the size of your document flows (manual indexing, automatic document reading, barcode reading, etc.) to convert and file all of your document archives in compliance with legal requirements.

Secretarial work : Scan and distribute incoming mail to your various departments and colleagues in electronic form, all with a single click.

Supplier invoices : Benefit from a solution specifically developed to manage invoice recognition, capture, approval, filing and integration in a fully automatic way.

Solutions that adapt to your working habits

Scan, index and file all paper documents in a few steps, directly through your multi-function solution’s touch screen.

Whatever the origin of your documents (Outlook email, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, business management software, HR software, ERP, etc.), file them rapidly with your software application.

When you are on the move, take a photo and file it directly using the Open Bee™ application integrated into your mobile device.

Solutions that make your life easier

Speed up the indexing and filing process by using your mouse to select an area (text, date, amount, etc.) on the scanned document image: avoid manually entering information and the related risk of input errors.

Convert a 40-page paper document into MS Word format in less than 10 seconds, with the same page formatting and layout as the original, and without having to manually input text.

Rapidly file and distribute all document types by adding a barcode label. Open Bee™ recognition technologies enable fully automatic filing according to the value read on the label.


  • Optimisation of your multi-function solution

  • Increased safety and confidentiality

  • No need for archive rooms

  • Time savings

  • Cost savings

  • Optimised collaborative work

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