In Open Bee Portal, each user has the possibility to customise his Dashboard and setup his own preferences.
Each user has the possibility to add folders and/or documents to his favorites, which will be available directly from the Dashboard.
Open Bee Portal allows you to add and manage versions of a document.
The preferences tab gather modules to edit the user profile information, to manage the reminders, to manage subscriptions and to access personal files.
The "Copy" a document feature allows you to make a copy of a document in any folder you have access to.
The "Edit a document" feature allows you (should you have read and modify rights) to modify the information related to a specific document, such as its name, its description or its metadata.
The "Lock" a document feature, allows you to prevent people from modifying a document while you're intending to do so yourself.
The General Configuration menu allows the administrator to setup different parameters related to Open Bee Portal.
The users and groups interface allows the administrator to create users and groups, which will be used later on to define permissions and acces rights on folders and documents.
The module "recycle bin" within the Administration tab is the equivalent of the trash in Microsoft Windows.
The stamps section allows you to add or delete stamps, that will be used as part of the workflow module.
The Open Bee workflow interface allows any administrator to create, edit, or simply view the workflows.