With the Open Bee Sync Tool, you can synchronize your documents between your computer and Open Bee Portal.
Open Bee Portal is a Web based solution (accessible from any Web browser), that allows you to index, archive and share documents related to your activity.
The Dashboard provide you with an overview of the actions, workflows and documents that are central to your current work.
Open Bee Portal delivers a flexible navigation capability that allows you to browse documents by the most meaningful way to your organization.
Administrators are able to manage different kind of modules and configure parameters such as the general set up of Open Bee Portal,
You can easily add a document to Open Bee Portal. First make sure to go the specific folder where you want to publish your document.
To create a folder, go to the document tab, click the "Edit file plan" button, available on the botom right corner of the screen and select "Add folder".
In order to import multiple documents and folders from your desktop into Open Bee Portal, you can use the import from ZIP feature.
Amongst other actions on documents, you can download, preview, see a document properties or consult a document history.